This is it, friends!

Today is the launch of my Kickstarter for The Cloaked Series!

Announcementstory3It’s been a loooong time since I released a new book (let alone a series!) and while it was really hard (and felt really weird) to take such a long hiatus, it was SO the right thing to do!  I talk more about it in the video on my Kickstarter page, but basically, The Cloaked Series books are some of the best things I’ve written. And that’s a big part of why I’m asking for your help!

See, I want these books to be seriously A+ when they hit the virtual shelves. So I’ve hired an editor, and I’m working with a cover designer; I’m developing robust and intentional marketing plans to make sure these stories find their audience once they’re out in the world. 

And all of that takes money.

I’ve never asked for help like this before, and honestly, it feels weird. But it also feels right. I love Zander + Callum and I know you all are going to love them too. So go check out Kickstarter for character bios and more about the first book in the series, The Cloak’s Shadow. You can even watch a video of me talking all about it and looking like a complete nerd. So, yeah, if schadenfreude is your thing, you’ll enjoy that for sure 😉

Pledge levels start at $1 and truly ever single dollar helps me make this series a reality. And if you can’t donate, that’s TOTALLY OKAY! Tell a friend. And/or mark your calendar for The Cloak’s Shadow release date (October 6!) and share in my excitement as these books finally hit the shelves! It feels like they’ve been a long time coming because they have! 😀 

❤ Elle

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