Ferris’s birthday is this coming Monday, July 10th.

Happy Birthday Ferris!


Ferris plays a pivotal role in the Shift Series, first as Leah’s initial connection to the shifter community, then later as Leah’s best friend, and finally as partner and girlfriend to Collin King. She is kind, smart, spunky, unassuming, and strong as hell.  Her backstory was one that evolved and revealed itself to me as I wrote each book, which made her a lot of fun (and a little challenging/nerve-wracking) to write. Her experiences during DRIFT, which readers don’t get to see, are enough to write an entire novel about all on their own. But, to be honest, I couldn’t write an entire novel that depressing.

So, how about a novella instead?

(It’s much less depressing as a novella, I promise.)

It’s something I wrote years ago, and something I’ve wanted to be able to share with all of you for a while but wasn’t sure how best to do it. Well, if Ferris’ birthday isn’t the right excuse, I don’t know what is.  So, starting Monday, July 10th, I’ll be posting WAITING: A Shift Series Novella piece by piece throughout the week. I’ll tweet and facebook when new sections are posted. Or, to receive an email whenever I post, subscribe to this blog (see the prompt in the column to the right.)

I’m really eager to tell Ferris’ story (and some of Cecelia’s, by extension: bonus)–and eager to hear what you all think.

See you on Monday!

Disclaimer: WAITING would be considered book 3.5 in the Shift Series. In other words, don’t read it if you haven’t read the first three books (SHIFT, RECAST, and DRIFT.) Otherwise, you’ll spoil yourself and be very upset.  It will be even more impactful if you’ve read the final book, STAND, as well (and maybe even Linking.)

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