Sunday is May 14th–Drake King’s birthday!

Drake King

There is one last extra Drake-related scene I want to write and post, and I’d thought I might have it ready for Drake’s birthday this year, but it’s not ready yet. And it’s important enough, that I don’t want to push it out before it’s ready.  So it’s going to have to wait.
That said, I’m making awesome headway on my current project, and really happy with the progress, so it’s not all bad!
Still, Drake is one of my favorite people I’ve ever created. I love him a ton. In a post before STAND came out, I wrote about why STAND was one of the hardest things I’d ever written–and one of those reasons was Drake. 🙂  I re-read that post every now and again to refresh my brain and remind myself why I do this author thing. Give it a read if you want some insight into my crazy writer’s brain, and my love for Drake King. 🙂
Happy Birthday Drake!

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