Well, I did it. I Finished reading Fifty Shades Darker on February 24th. Here’s the tweet that proves it:

It wasn’t as difficult to get through as the first book was, imo. I credit fewer grave grammar mistakes and more Ana backbone for the better reading experience. That said, there were a number of scenes that weren’t strictly necessary through the middle. Am I the only person who expected the Leila storyline to take on more life/driving force? In a way, it was cool that it didn’t (like ‘hah! Gotcha!’) but it also felt like a missed opportunity for some real drama.
Maybe the author wasn’t committed to the idea of hurting Ana? Or Grey? Or both?

A set of #ElleReadsFiftyShades tweets from the height of my live tweeting shenanigans

Now I need to see the movie!

Anyway, like the tweet says, I will likely read the third (Fifty Shades Freed) at some point. Maybe in the fall. Should I tweet about it? I certainly had fun live tweeting Shades Darker!

I was thinking of live tweet reading Interview With a Vampire next. What do you think?

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