I posted an explanation of how Harbinger exists alongside SHIFT sometime ago on my tumblr primarily so that readers of the Shift Series wouldn’t be blindsided when they began reading Harbinger (the first book in the Mythologicals Saga), as they are two very different series, but whose stories exist in the same universe–even with some overlap in characters and location.

As I’ve been doing some reexamining of the Mythologicals Saga books lately, however, I found myself comparing and contrasting Leah, the main female character in the Shift Series, and Luceam, the main female character in Augury (Mythologicals Saga | 2).  Both come into their power over the course of their respective stories, and both serve as a representative of their kind, so they share some key similarities. However, Luceam and Leah come from disparate backgrounds and with vastly dissimilar life experiences.  In that way, they are much more different than they are similar. I’m not even sure that the two would be able to relate to one another, I found myself thinking as I rolled this compare-and-contrast around in my head one day. Though I think if Drake were there, he could possibly bridge the gap.

Bam! Inspiration: why don’t I write the two of them meeting?  There’s no way they could ever meet over the course of the books–Leah isn’t even alive anymore by the time Luceam is born–but if they could meet, what would they say to one another?  I wrote it up, but it’s too long to go into this post.  So, instead, it’s on its own page under the Augury heading!  The link is below:

Luceam and Leah Meet



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