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Announcementstory3You may have seen that I just launched my VERY FIRST Kickstarter! I’m gearing up to release the first book in my new series, The Cloak’s Shadow, and I need your help! It’s been a looong time since I released something new, and while it was weird to take a hiatus, it was completely worth it. Without that hiatus, I wouldn’t have created my favorite books to date. I want them to be A+ quality when they hit the virtual shelves, and getting them there takes more money than I can responsibly steal from my own family’s savings account. So, I’m asking for help. It feels weird, but it feels right too. Check out my blog post about it for more. Or, better yet, go right to my Kickstarter page to learn all about The Cloak’s Shadow. Even if you can’t contribute, there’s all sorts of insider info there, so don’t miss it!

If you’re new to my world, here’s a quick rundown of what you’re getting into when you open one of my books:

  • My stories are slightly-angsty and more-than-slightly steamy.
  • My heroes are as feminist as my (often snarky) heroines.
  • Some of my characters are straight, and some are queer. (You know, like the real world.)
  • Some are white, and some are POC. (Also like the real world!)

What’s not real-world about my books? There’s something magical or paranormal in every single one. Sometimes it’s Paranormal with a capital P (like The Immortals Trilogy.) Sometimes it’s a quieter, more subtle kind of magic, like a current work-in-progress called True You. Sometimes it’s shifters and psychics (The Shift Series), and sometimes it’s ghosts and witches (The Cloaked Trilogy) but it’s always something. πŸ˜‰

Sound like something you’d dig? Then stick around! There’s lots to read, and more to come. I’m so happy you’re here!

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