Happy Birthday Cecelia!

I can’t help it, I just love Cici Brayton so much. I celebrated her birthday last year, and I’m celebrating it again. Hell, I’ll probably celebrate it again next year. Basically, as long as I’m working on Linking (which I plan to release in a serial of short stories, one per year), I’ll be celebrating Cecelia.

Character Study - Cecelia

This year, I’m consolidating my best Cecelia Brayton posts/content into one place–here, for your Cici-loving enjoyment:

Cecelia Character Study

Shift Series | Pinterest

On Writing Cecelia’s Complex History

Cecelia’s House (floorplan) 

Linking (A Shift Series Short Story) on Amazon

If you have questions about Cecelia, send them my way. I’ll answer them in a future post!

Growing Pains

I promised you a newsletter on February 1st.

Welp, those of you who signed up (thank you!) might have noticed that it’s February 3rd and you haven’t yet received the first edition of Elle News.

No, it’s not stuck in your spam filter or junk folder. You really didn’t receive it.

Here’s why:

It turns out that I am required by law to list a physical mailing address on the footer of each e-newsletter I send.

No problem; I have a mailing address. Oh yeah, wait: my mailing address is my home address.

Not exactly something I want to be sending out all over the internet every month.

Okay, so what are my other options?

So far, it looks like renting a P.O. Box is the only safe bet. But before I take the plunge, I need to do some research. (Believe it or not, there are mailbox options beyond just the traditional box through the Post Office.)

So, research is commencing (interrupted intermittently by work, sick kids–you know, life!)

The good news is that, if you haven’t yet signed up, there’s still time to sign up and receive the first edition of Elle News. The bad news is that I’m not yet sure what the exact date will be when I send that first edition.  But when I figure that out, you’ll all be the first to know.

Thank for your patience while I figure this whole thing out! And wish me luck as I navigate the exciting new world of P.O. Boxes 😉


What Have I Been Working On?

Every once in a while, I like to give an update on my various projects and other authorly things that have been getting my attention lately. So, here you go: the latest What Have I Been Working On? post. 

In a previous update, I wrote that I was planning to pitch to a handful of literary agents and editors at Emerald City Writers Conference, in October. Well, I did that–and my favorite agent (the one I was most excited to pitch to) asked to read the first 100 pages of my manuscript! So I sent that to her lickedy split. Eight weeks later, she asked to read the rest of the manuscript! *happy dance!*  I sent that a couple of weeks ago, and now I’m playing the waiting game. *nail biting* So while I wait, I’ve been outlining book 2 in the series, and idea-gathering book 3.

Beyond that project, I’ve been working on the Newsletter (I’ve hit a snag with that, but I haven’t given up yet! So far it’s still on schedule. Stay tuned for updates) and blog posts, as well as website updates, and updating my profile pic on my various social media channels. You know, virtual housekeeping.

Finally, I’ve been reading Fifty Shades Darker and tweeting about it, with hashtag #ElleReadsFiftyShades, as discussed last week.  I’m having a seriously good time with the whole thing. Though I haven’t been able to read every night, I do get to log at least an hour most nights. Plus, I’m pretty certain I’m enjoying the book more because I’m tweeting about it, so that’s an added bonus.  It’s been awesome to see all your reactions to my tweets, and to read your responses, so keep ’em coming!

Until next week!