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The final book in the Cloaked Series, The Witch’s Complement, is available now!

If you’re new to my world, here’s a quick rundown of what you’re getting into when you open one of my books:

  • My stories are slightly-angsty and more-than-slightly steamy.
  • My heroes are as feminist as my (often snarky) heroines.
  • Some of my characters are straight, and some are queer. (You know, like the real world.)
  • Some are white, and some are POC. (Also like the real world!)

What’s not real-world about my books? There’s something magical or paranormal in every single one. Sometimes it’s Paranormal with a capital P (like in Blood Bond, my story on Kindle Vella.) Sometimes it’s a quieter, more subtle kind of magic, like a current work-in-progress called True You. Sometimes it’s shifters and psychics (The Shift Series), and sometimes it’s ghosts and witches (The Cloaked Series) but it’s always something. 😉

Sound like stories you’d dig? Then stick around! There’s lots to read, and more to come. I’m so happy you’re here!

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A medium looking for spiritual peace-and-quiet + a cynical coffee-lover who unknowingly mutes the racket of the spirit world = a perfect match.

They just have to fight their demons first—literally.