{Character Study} Drake Ian King
Birthday: May 14th
Favorite Colors: Copper and Grey
Favorite Movie: Gattaca
Favorite TV Show: Deadliest Catch
Favorite Song: Crashed by Daughtry
Song that reminds me of Drake: Rain King by Counting Crows, and Animal by Mike Snow
Hobbies: Running, hiking, reading. Played soccer in high school.
Life Goal: To take life as it comes. 
Defining Moment: SHIFT–Meeting Leah.

In many ways, Drake is the most complicated and deep of all the characters in the SHIFT Series; his backstory is only rivaled by one other character’s.  Drake is an old soul; he’s too mature for the 18 years he’s lived and his relationship with his parents is evidence of this. Reader will get to see more of that relationship in RECAST.  Drake has never been into fads–he’s always done his own thing and is unconcerned with how people (like his classmates) view him.  While kind and generous, Drake is rather private; he keeps a small circle of close friends (namely Collin, before meeting Leah and Ferris.)  He doesn’t like undue attention and generally tries to turn conversation away from himself, when possible, especially when talking with those outside of his immediate circle.  His seeming interest in others, paired with his looks (D is very good-looking, even to non-shifters) made him quite popular in high school, though none of it really interested him (which is perhaps why everyone liked him so much.)  I often think of Drake as that really nice, popular kid you knew/know in school who chats with you before second period everyday.  Then come the end of the year, you realize you’ve  told him your life story, but you don’t know a single thing about him. 

This private nature seeps into interactions the reader gets to view between Drake and Collin regarding their family name: while both are intensely loyal and familial, Collin’s charisma and open charm makes him more vocal and accepting of the attention their name brings, while Drake would prefer not to receive the attention at all.  He does everything he can to not bring it up, especially when he and Leah first meet. 

As the series progresses, readers will get to view different sides of Drake that will shine light on more of his motivations, backstory and development.

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