When seventeen-year-old Leah Brayton nearly reveals her new human-shapeshifter status in the middle of the quad, she’s sentenced to spend her summer with her aunt in the rural town of Tubac, Arizona. Learning to control her new “gifts” is hell—until she meets fellow-shifter, Drake King.

Drake doesn’t like to talk about his family’s clout within the shifter world, but when he meets Leah and she turns his black-and-white life technicolor, her wit and irresistible shifter heat begin to untangle the threads of truth and secrecy he’s spun for years to keep others at a distance.

Amidst rumors of rogue shifters threatening to reveal their kind to the rest of the world, Leah and Drake forge an inexplicably strong connection. But will their connection be enough when the summer ends and Leah is forced to return home? Or when their entire world comes crashing down just weeks later?


The Shift Series follows Leah as she finds her footing as a new human-shapeshifter, then as she finds her strength when her world is thrown into chaos. The series was first released 2011-2014; it was revised and re-released in full in December 2018.