Zander Greyson

26 | She/Her

Zander is a seriously impressive woman. She’s focused, logical, and accomplished. With an advanced degree in urban planning and economics, she’s just landed her dream job as the Ecological and Economic Impact Analyst at the biggest planning and architecture firm in muggy New Orleans.

From the outside, everything is going right. But, like all good heroes and heroines, Zander is struggling behind the scenes. Her anxiety is making sleep hard to come by, her dream job comes with some not-so-dreamy co-workers, and could the humidity just let up for one cock-sucking minute? Add on to that her logical brain trying like hell to make sense of her parents’ very messy, very recent divorce, and she has enough on her plate. She has no room for meeting hot guys for anything more than a quick roll in the sack. Which is exactly when Callum Ambrose shows up. 

Callum Ambrose

27 | He/Him

Callum talks to ghosts. Well, scratch that: ghosts talk to Callum. All the time. While he does his damnedest to ignore them. He’s been at this game for as long as he can remember, since well before he entered foster care at the age of eight, so he’s pretty accomplished at not letting the incessant chatter get in the way of his thriving career as a freelance web designer, or his relationship with his foster care brother, Scott. But neither his lifetime of practice nor his mentally unstable mother prepared him for the sinister presence that’s begun stalking him.

He needs information on what to do, but it doesn’t exist. He needs help, but he doesn’t have anyone to turn to. Until he meets an edgy-beautiful coffee lover who doesn’t believe in ghosts. But of course she doesn’t—when she’s around, they don’t exist. It’s like they all disappear, and for the first time, Callum has true peace-and-quiet. While she’s with him, that is. He just has to figure out how to be with her without telling her his secret, because sure as shit, if Zander found out he was a medium, she’d leave not only his bed—she’d leave him high-and-dry with a demon. 

Cecily Greyson

22 | She/Her

Cecily’s boyfriend, Trey, died five months ago, and nobody knows but her. They hadn’t meant to keep their relationship a secret for two whole years, but time got away from them, which is easy to do when you’re working on your bachelor’s degree, pulling hours at the campus coffee shop, and wading through the aftermath when your parents’ marriage explodes before your very eyes and you’re forced to take out a restraining order against your dad. You know, the usual college experience.

Cecily’s life is just reaching a new normal when Zander lands the job of her dream and moves halfway across the country. Now things are weird again, and not because Cecily misses her sister. When she starts hearing voices, she thinks she might be losing her mind. And then Trey shows up–or, the spirit of him does, at least. Confused, but grateful, Cecily and Trey rekindle what they can of their relationship. But when a dark, shadowy figure begins appearing in Trey’s place, Cecily begins to fear she’s unlocked a door she can’t close. And if closing it means losing Trey, does she even want to?

Wren Johnson

26 | She/Her

Wren is a lover, not a fighter—but she’ll lay an asshole out cold if she has to. A nurse who works at the Tulane University Medical Center, Wren loves her job. She also loves her girlfriend, Bridgette. After all, it was Bridgette who helped Wren figure out she’s a witch. Wren keeps her powers hidden from everyone but Bridgette, using them for good as she takes care of her patients and loved ones, which is especially handy when your girlfriend has a congenital heart defect and is on the transplant list.

Without close family, Wren is happy to expand her tiny circle when she learns her college friend Zander has moved to NOLA. When Wren risks telling Zander about her powers, she worries she’s cast their rebuilt friendship back to ruin. But when Bridgette takes a turn for the worst, Wren is knocked off course by a secret she never saw coming. Now Zander is a sudden believer and asking Wren for help to destroy an evil spirit, but Wren has nothing left to give—even if she knew how to help. Taking care of people is one of the things Wren loves most, but this time, she has to take care of herself first.

Scott Lee

28 | He/Him

Scott is wise beyond his years. Having entered the foster care system at the age of three, then again at six, Scott found that wisdom through a lot of life experience—and plenty of therapy. He is fiercely loyal to and protective of Callum, his only family. He is a well-respected tattoo artist who doesn’t party, drink, or smoke. Hell, if you even see him with a caffeinated coffee you know he had a rough night, which likely involved a late-night marathon tattooing session.

He’s the only person in the world who knows Callum’s secret, and the only tattoo artist Callum trusts to ink the runes on his skin that keep him safe. So when Callum meets a woman who lets him have some peace-and-quiet, Scott is thrilled for the guy—but when the two rush off to fight the evil spirit that’s been plaguing Callum, Scott’s more than a little concerned. And when he gets a call from Zander’s little sister, Cecily, he knows something is terribly wrong