About Elle

First, let me just say thanks for stopping by!  Elle Beauregard

But really, you followed this link to learn more about me.  So here it goes–a quick summary of Elle Beauregard as a writer:

Like many of us who later grow up to be authors, I’ve been writing contemporary fantasy since I was a kid.  The vast majority of what I wrote, way back when, was full of excellent ideas, but was executed horribly (also like many teenagers who later grow up to be writers.) 

I left fiction writing for a time and went to college.  I lived more in those four years than I had in all the time I could remember up to that point.  But then I graduated.  And soon I entered the lonely, busy world of being a grown-up.  So, when I returned to my fiction-writing roots (in a desperate attempt to find creative outlet in my suddenly uncreative life) I shouldn’t have been surprised to discover that I now had the skills to take cool ideas and marry them with a mode of delivery people actually wanted to read.  But more than that, I now had the life experience to make those cool ideas even cooler. 

Next thing I knew, I was back to writing all the time.  I wrote in the margins when I should have been taking notes for meetings; I wrote in my head while I was commuting to and from work; I wrote in the seconds and minutes I could squeeze out of every day.  And, soon, a book was born.  The first book I finished writing as an adult, was actually a re-write of the first book I ever wrote, back when I was 16.  But, this time, I kept going.

Like so many, I had that rarely-realized dream of landing a legacy deal with a major publisher: of being the next Stephenie Meyer or Cassandra Clare.  But the more I queried, and the more I learned, the more I came to realize that the world of publishing is a very different place than it was even just five years ago.   Indie pulishing and indie authors were gaining momentum, noteriety and legitimacy in the market place.  Indie authors were selling books and gaining fans and followers, all while they got to maintain creative control of their work.  They were writing their own blogs and scheduling their own book signings–just like authors published by major publishers do now, anyway–and they were finding success. 

So, after sending hundreds of query letters (resulting in countless requests for partials and fulls, and tons of amazing feedback from literary agents across the country–feedback I never let go ignored) I took the plunge.  I released my first e-book, SHIFT, in April 2011.  The experience has been amazing, the feedback and praise I’ve received, inspiring.  I can say with certainty that I have no regrets in my decision to become an indie author.  Seeing my work live in the minds of readers and meeting readers-turned-fans has changed me in ways I could never have anticipated.  And, even better, there’s more to come very soon.  Check the “Upcoming Releases” page for info on future books.

For exclusive content like character studies, floor plans, outtakes and deleted scenes, check out the pages devoted to each book through the links at the top of the page.  Check out the Other Projects page for info related to other stuff I’m working on–art stuff, short stories, etc.  You can get updates via email by subscribing to the site (see below) or buy a book by visiting The Bookstore page.  Finally, if there’s something you’d like to see or questions you’re burning to ask, I’d love to know! Leave me a comment! 

For real time updates and random musings, find me at the following social network links–I always love to connect with new readers! 






Thank you and happy reading!

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