{Character Study} Ferris (Fumiko) Takahashi
Birthday: July 10th
Favorite Color: Kelly green
Favorite Movie: Funny Girl
Favorite TV Show: Project Runway
Favorite Song: Sick Muse by Metric
Song that reminds me of Ferris: Libby I’m Listening by Blue October
Hobbies: Sewing, fashion, cutting pictures out of magazines and making collages of things that inspire her
Life goal/Motto: Find a place to fit and be happy.
Defining Moment: Finding other shifters—learning she wasn’t alone.

Ferris is a kind, thoughtful and level-headed person.  She also has a bit of a wild streak that she’s cultivated in secret.  Her parents are very strict; as a result, Ferris has become her own person completely in the absence of parental approval.  She possesses a self confidence and comfort in her own skin that is beyond her years.

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