{Character Study} Cecelia Elizabeth Brayton
Birthday: February 9th
Favorite Color: Turquoise
Hobbies: Gardening, painting
Life Goal/Motto: Be present in all things.

Powerful | Put-Together | Loving | Warm | Unhurried | Calm | Passionate | Artsy | Caring | Witty | Smart | Balanced | Present | Grounded | Practical | Confident | Creative

Cecelia’s character was one that defined herself very early in the process when writing SHIFT.  In regards to my characters (though not necessarily plot,) I am somewhat of an exploratory writer, so while characters often take time and writing to reveal themselves to me, Cecelia was an exception; most of Cecelia’s traits were fleshed out before writing even began.  (Though she has revealed some surprises to me along the way!)  Case in point, I knew Leah’s aunt lived in the rural/semi-rural desert from the very beginning.  I knew she wore flowy skirts and big earrings.  I knew she lived alone and had for much of her adult life (though some of the whys for that didn’t become clear until much later.)  I knew she was grounded and very comfortable in her own skin.  I knew she would see the Shifter trait as a gift, but would understand that coming to see it that way took time. 
Cecelia is wise.  She is calm, and present, and very hard to ruffle.  That being said, she is also humble, and never does she judge another who is less calm, or less present than herself.  She loves her role as Contact for her region, and takes the job very seriously.  She enjoys mentoring others and taking new shifters under her wing, which is part of why so many younger shifters and their parents know Cecelia and rely on her (as we see in RECAST.)  But while Cecelia finds enjoyment in the presence of others, she is also equally as content reading a book or working alone in her garden. 

Readers will learn more about Cecelia, her past, and circumstances in STAND (Shift Series #4)

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