Beauregard - Recast

I thought saying goodbye to Drake was the worst thing that could ever happen…

That was until the world watched a vampire drain a reporter live on national television. A vampire. I thought shifters were the only creatures that shouldn’t exist. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, a shifter steps onto the screen next—and turns my life upside down.

Tubac is a lot less fun when you’re on the lam. More shifters than I’ve ever seen have arrived and my aunt has taken charge of them all. She warns me that the others can’t know about my connection with Drake, but I don’t understand why. Our connection is the one thing keeping me grounded… reminding me of who I am with or without these “gifts” that are once again starting to feel like a curse.

As tension among the shifters grows, Drake and I are forced down a path neither of us wants. A path that makes us question everything—even each other.

3 thoughts on “RECAST

  1. Hi Elle,

    I read both Shift and Recast this weekend and loved them… my only problem: I swear the date of the protest changed between the two books… why?!

    Can’t wait for the next two books (soon I hope!)

    1. I’m glad you like Shift and Recast! That’s so nice to hear! I went back and looked at each book and you’re totally right about the dates! Ack! Sometimes I would swear that all the beta-readers in the world can’t catch everything (and heaven knows my eyes alone certainly can’t!) Thanks for letting me know! October 13th is the day I’ll go with when I go back and make that change in Shift. 🙂 As for the next books, Drift (Shift Series #3) is due out at the end of March. Thanks for writing!

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