Forty-one days and counting…

After hearing rumors of “weird stuff” happening at protests around the nation, Leah has been anxiously awaiting the nationally-televised protests scheduled in Washington DC. But when the day finally comes, it’s worse than she could have ever expected.

Drake and Leah’s connection continues to evolve as they are thrust onto a path that will stretch them to their limits and challenge their trust–in each other, the shifter establishment, and the very shifters they’ve been tapped to lead.

RECAST is the second book in the Shift Series.

3 thoughts on “RECAST

  1. Hi Elle,

    I read both Shift and Recast this weekend and loved them… my only problem: I swear the date of the protest changed between the two books… why?!

    Can’t wait for the next two books (soon I hope!)

    • I’m glad you like Shift and Recast! That’s so nice to hear! I went back and looked at each book and you’re totally right about the dates! Ack! Sometimes I would swear that all the beta-readers in the world can’t catch everything (and heaven knows my eyes alone certainly can’t!) Thanks for letting me know! October 13th is the day I’ll go with when I go back and make that change in Shift. 🙂 As for the next books, Drift (Shift Series #3) is due out at the end of March. Thanks for writing!

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