The DRIFT playlist is fairly short, the music therein a reflection of Leah’s tenuous hold on normalcy throughout the story.  The song Hide & Seek, by Imogen Heap is an especially strong turning point in the playlist, as the story point it represents is pretty harrowing.  The song The Sharpest Lives, by My Chemical Romance, is one of the first times we have seen Drake’s mindset directly reflected in the playlist (though we’ve seen some indirect references to Drake’s headspace in past playlists–Soul Meets Body, by Deathcab for Cutie in the RECAST playlist being a prime example.)


Slide | Dido

Help, I’m Alive | Metric

Unwell | Matchbox Twenty

I’m So Sick | Flyleaf

Hide & Seek | Imogen Heap

The Sharpest Lives | My Chemical Romance

Take My Hand  | Dido

Goodbye | Mutemath

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