Readers meet Topher in DRIFT. He is a young (though Leah doesn’t realize how young) born immortal. When we meet him, Topher is a personal assistant, of sorts, to Gabriel and Zackery; Gabriel pairs Leah up with Topher to assist him in that duty. He does so, in part, as a way for her to uphold her end of their bargain (her assistance in exchange for the immortals’ protection) but also because he sees that Topher could use companionship. Gabriel knows Leah and Drake are linked, so he doesn’t expect a romance to blossom but there is a small part of him that wants to challenge the validity/strength of that bond. Topher is, after all, very good looking, charismatic, and personable–even Gabriel can recognize his attractiveness.


Topher is a little haughty, but most of that snobbishness comes from uncertainty. When readers meet Topher in DRIFT, he is secretly unsure of where he fits–both into the current Immortal social structure as a born immortal, and in the future of the group. They are on the verge of a new world order, wherein the turned among them will no longer be allowed to ingest human blood–and the born won’t be allowed to ingest blood at all. He knows he is safe as assistant to Gabriel and Zackery, but he has come to an age where he is trying to find his own place in the structure and in the world. We see some of that cocky facade peel away in STAND, when he apologizes to Drake and helps him through Leah’s incarceration and rescue.

We see more of Topher in the epilogue for STAND, which has ties to the Mythologicals Saga. That’s right–Topher has a role in both series. In fact, his history is intricately tied to the Mythologicals Saga–he becomes an integral character in the last book of the series, which is forthcoming.


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