Harbinger: Tunnel Map

When I first started writing Harbinger (Mythologicals Saga | One) more than 10 years ago, I figured out that, given the goegraphic location of different features and trips made within the book, Matra and her group must live in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle before their escape into the tunnels.  When Matra escapes, she does so into tunnels that run directly under her house.  From there, she walks to Westlake Station.  

“Parts of the tile mosaics—once a nod to modern art for the masses—were missing, as were most of the letters from the sign that once told riders the name of this station, because the tunnels provided no landmarks as clues.  W S LA E   TA I N was all that was left.”

At the time, when I was first writing, there were no tunnels under Capitol Hill.  But, I told myself that times change and by the time rolls around in which Harbinger is set, maybe there would be.  HAHA!  Little did I know, there really, really will be!

 The Capitol Hill tunnel and tunnel station is scheduled to open in 2016!  It will connect to the existing network of tunnels and tunnel stations (which were the original inspiration for Harbinger.)  I found this map online and I thought I’d post it to give you all an idea of the (current) expanse of the tunnels, and the walk Matra, Audil and the other take from their homes in Capitol Hill to the abandoned station where they hide for those months.  The light blue line titled LINK is the tunnel system I’m referencing.  

Then, when Matra, Audil and Yuki take their trips to the surface and sit in the courtyard in front of the highrise to do their hacking/research, they are near the station titled “Symphony” on this map.  (This is currently called “University Street Station.”)  

Happy Reading! 

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