Character Study: Matra

Cautious | Caring | Stifled | Intelligent | Wary | Hurt | Strong | Lonely | Loving | Lost | Found | Contemplative | Daring | Self-Sacrificing

MatraMatra would be a very different person if it wasn’t for the altered, unusual circumstances she was raised within.  Beneath her leader-exterior, she is searching for something she can’t identify.  She can’t figure out exactly what’s wrong with her, to the point that she doesn’t really acknowledge the absence until late in Harbinger.  She cares genuinely for the other members of her group and worries sincerely for their wellbeing.  She is always conscious of the sacrifices her and the others’ families made, and thinks of that sacrifice as an example of the trust those families had in her ability to lead and take care of the group. 

If Matra had been raised in a more normal/average environment, I think she would have been quirky and energetic.  She would still have been contemplative, but that effort could have been applied to creating art or other endeavors.  Her red hair, having been altered** is an example of that creativity coming through.  Almost like Matra’s inner-most self giving the finger to circumstance and making itself known despite it. 

**Inside Scoop: If you were curious, Callee’s dad is the one who performed the gene therapy to alter Matra’s hair upon her request.  Callee’s and Alix’s as well.  There is further reference to this in Augury (Mythologicals Saga | Two)

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