Character Study: Callee

A collage of images that remind me of Callee

Witty | Sarcastic | Ballsy | Smart | Caring | Beautiful | Resourceful | Skilled | Confident | Loved | Intuitive | Connected | Fearless | Compassionate

Callee is strong, witty, and take-no-prisoners intelligent.  She came from a family consisting of only her and her father; she never knew her mom, but has lived among the group for as long a she can remember.  She is an Intuitive who can sense a person’s physical state/wellbeing when in close proximity.  Her dad had a similar gift, which he used in his profession as a medical doctor.  He taught Callee everything he could about medicine and she grew up helping him as a medical assistant for the group.  She has assisted with everything from delivering babies, to suturing deep lacerations, and setting broken bones by the time the group embarks upon their wayward adventures in Harbinger. 

Having all that life-experience, and having seen people she cares about at their most vulnerable has made Callee both fearless and compassionate.  It also means she loves those closest to her with a depth and passion unrivaled by most.    She keeps her own pain/uncertainty very private, especially as the reader experiences her in Harbinger.  She feels a responsibility to maintain a strong, unruffled appearance for the group.  As a result, on the rare occasion her emotions do boil over, they are usually turbulent (like after Audil and Matra’s confrontation in the common space.) 

One half of the longest-standing romantic relationship among the group, Callee draws a lot of calm and even some of her confidence from her relationship with Alix.  In turn, Alix admires her passion and intelligence.  Alix is the only person who sees Callee at her most vulnerable.

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