Harbinger – Character Studies

The characters in Harbinger are much different creatures than those in the Shift Series, and not only because they are different people, living in a different time. The process of writing Matra and her band of unassimilated friends was very dissimilar than the process for writing Leah and Drake.  Matra is living in a very different set of circumstances, after all.  So, to that end, the Character Studies for Harbinger are less factual, and more conceptual.  There are things I know about every character but, in Harbinger, those things aren’t necessarily their favorite color or song–it’s the feeling of them, the way they think, what they hold most important.  So I’ve tried to illustrate those things with these studies.   I’m adding more all the time, so if there’s not a study done today, it’s on the way, I promise.  Happy Reading!

Matra | Callee | Alix | Audil | Christopher (those without links are coming soon!)

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