Immortals Trilogy Pronunciations

Some of the names in the Immortals Trilogy are sort of tongue twisters (either because they are real names that happen to be unusual, or because they are names I created, based on other names.)  If you’re hung up on a name, reference this guide to help:

Matra (May-trah) Short for Matricia. The name was not meant to be a reference to the French automobile, aeronautice and weaponry company… (

Audil (Ah-deel) This is an uncommon name (but a real one!) that has roots in the arabic language.

Luceam (Loo-seem)  I made this one up myself–to be honest, not sure where it came from… Sort of how Matra’s not sure where it came from either.

Vega (Vae-guh)  Like the name of the star in the Lyra constellation.  This is a real name.

Cyvin (Sigh-vin)  Don’t even ask–I have no idea where my brain came up with this one from… lol! But you pronounce it like a sigh, and the VIN number on your car.

Just wait until the third book!  The list will grow, I can promise you that!