Augury Playlist

The playlist for Augury is a little unique in that it contains songs that represent the points of view of a number of different characters, mainly Luceam’s and Cyvin’s.

Duck and Run, by  3 Doors Down is a prime example of a Cyvin-specific song.  While Hello by Evanescence is definitely a Luceam song.  Zackery even has one  stuck in there (Sing for Absolution, by Muse.)


Hello | Evanescence

Duck and Run | 3 Doors Down

Sing for Absolution | Muse

Hysteria | Muse

Be My Escape | Reliant K

Honey | Moby

Communicate | Plastico

Hurt | Nine Inch Nails

Iron | Woodkid

Crawl | Lincoln Park

Far | Coheed and Cambria

All Around Me | Flyleaf

If You Could Only See | Tonic

Halcyon + On + On | Orbital


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