Augury (Mythologicals Saga | Two)The Immortals Trilogy is currently undergoing a major revision (MUCH more intense than the Shift Series revision in 2018). It will be re-released in 2021. Stay tuned for updates!


Augury is the second book in the Mythologicals Saga, following Harbinger

The Mythologicals Saga is a generational series, meaning that each book follows a new main character, generation by generation.  So, in Harbinger, we followed Matra; in Augury, we get to follow Luceam–Matra’s daughter.

Luceam remembers everything: The darkness, the fear, the smell of the vinyl floor. Her mother’s face, her father’s voice. The man who killed them both. And just like her mother before her, she lives in hiding. Only instead of hiding in the dark, Luceam lives hidden in a silent mansion among the only copse of trees on Beta1. No longer willing to live under her caretaker’s heavy hand, Luceam disavows his strict rules to take control of the one and only thing she can.

Cyvin has never been one to ask for help. And heavy with life experience that belies his twenty-four years, he is doing just fine on his own—until he falls to sleep. Plagued by nightmares after the death of his own parents, Cyvin has tried anything and everything to keep from sleeping. But when luck and his routine sleeplessness deliver him the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on, things begin to change for them both.

As pasts collide, and old villains reappear, will the two of them be able to forge a new future? Or is it true you can’t go back to the comforts of home once you’ve left—or lost—them?

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