The Immortals Trilogy

The Immortals Trilogy is a family saga-style paranormal fantasy series. It takes place in the same universe as The Shift Series, but 150 years in the future. In fact, readers will see some especially long-lived characters in The Immortals Trilogy that they were first introduced to in The Shift Series. The whole series was removed from sale in 2018 for refurbishment. It will re-launch in 2021.

The first book in the series, Harbinger*, follows twenty-year-old Matricia (Matra, for short) as she finds herself the leader of a group of other young adults living in hiding after the arrest of their biological parents. The children of a hidden, neo-conservative cult, the group is unprepared for life on their own. When Matra finds herself mysteriously and unexplainably pregnant, she begins to pull back the layers of the way she was raised and question everything she thought she knew about the world she’d been taught to fear–including the immortal boy she loved who was forced to flee with his family five years previous. Could he be the key to understanding her history–and the baby girl she can’t explain? The one who has his eyes?

Augury, the second book in the Immortals Trilogy, follows that baby girl, Luceam, as she turns 40 years old and becomes the leader of the Immortals. Her parents’ tragic end afforded her the honor by fulfilling a prophecy foretold before she was even born. But now she’s kept in hiding much as her own mother was. The only difference is that her cage is one of luxury and comportment. Exhausted by her caretaker’s strict rules and antiquated ideals, Luceam strikes out to take control of the only thing she truly owns: her own body. She never expects to fall in love. And expects even less to find in that love a connection to the life and people she lost as a child–and has longed for since.

The final book in the trilogy, Corollary, is currently in progress. It follows Luceam’s children as they navigate life in the public eye as members of the Immortal First Family. When the media catches wind of an Immortals who has been stalking and killing young women, the way of life of every Immortal is threatened. (I’ll post more about Corollary as we near the release date in 2021!)


*Harbinger is a tragedy. I’m saying it now so you aren’t surprised later 🙂 It’s the only tragedy in my entire suite of work. It’s also one of my most favorite things I’ve ever written. Not sure what that says about me…