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What Am I Working On?

In short: not my blog LOL!

Nah, just kidding. I did put aside weekly blog posts some months back, but that was a strategic decision. Sometimes I need to shake-up how I work to keep myself productive, and reducing my blog post frequency was part of that most recent shake-up. But that doesn’t mean I’m abandoning the blog entirely–not at all!  In fact, you’ll probably start seeing regular “What Am I Working On?” posts quarterly. See, I’ve started this new work management system I learned at the RWA National writer’s conference in July and it’s fantastic! Part of it involves focusing on 2-3 goals one quarter at a time, then reviewing my progress at the end of the quarter. So I’m going to post here each quarter with a quick rundown of what I’m focusing on.

Okay, where to start.

I completed a major revision in May of the first book in my latest project (it’s a 3.5-book series I’m currently calling The Cloaked Series.) The revision was requested by an agent I submitted to and really admire, so it was very exciting. I’ve sent that off and am now awaiting responses from that agent and one other.

Meanwhile, I attended the RWA National conference in July, as I mentioned above, and it was AMAZING! I met so many awesome writers, learned a TON, and brought back more free romance novels than I’ll likely be able to read this year (but I’m sure as heck gonna try!)


Me and writer-friend Lin being silly in the photo booth at the RITA Awards after party during the RWA National conference. It was a good night 😀

This quarter (well, August and September–I’m doing a short quarter so I can get on track with Q4) I’m focusing on sending out all of the material that agents and editors requested from me at the conference, reinvigorating my social media mojo so I can continue to meaningfully connect with more readers, and getting SHIFT and RECAST ready for re-release.


Yep, that’s right. I will be re-releasing new editions of all 4 books in the Shift Series (SHIFT, RECAST, DRIFT, and STAND) at the end of this year! Newly edited, with new covers, links to new exclusive content, and more. I’ll definitely be posting more about it, so stay tuned in the coming months.

So those are my focuses for Q3. In the spirit of reinvigorating my social media presence,  here are links to find me across the interwebs (including my new Facebook Group, Elle’s Belles!)


Elle’s Belles (a safe place to geek out about our favorite paranormal/fantasy beings–from my books or ANYWHERE! It’s brand new and just getting off the ground, but we’re already having a ton of fun. Join us!)



Elle's Belles



It’s time for me to live tweet read another book!  This time: Interview with the Vampire, by Anne Rice!  Check out the video for more deets (and to catch a glimpse at the awesome paper copy I’m borrowing from a friend!)

#ElleReadsFiftyShades | Reflections and Highlights

Well, I did it. I Finished reading Fifty Shades Darker on February 24th. Here’s the tweet that proves it:

It wasn’t as difficult to get through as the first book was, imo. I credit fewer grave grammar mistakes and more Ana backbone for the better reading experience. That said, there were a number of scenes that weren’t strictly necessary through the middle. Am I the only person who expected the Leila storyline to take on more life/driving force? In a way, it was cool that it didn’t (like ‘hah! Gotcha!’) but it also felt like a missed opportunity for some real drama.
Maybe the author wasn’t committed to the idea of hurting Ana? Or Grey? Or both?


A set of #ElleReadsFiftyShades tweets from the height of my live tweeting shenanigans

Now I need to see the movie!

Anyway, like the tweet says, I will likely read the third (Fifty Shades Freed) at some point. Maybe in the fall. Should I tweet about it? I certainly had fun live tweeting Shades Darker!

I was thinking of live tweet reading Interview With a Vampire next. What do you think?