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Happy New Year!

After a much-needed hiatus over the holidays, I’m back and ready to look back on 2017, as well as look forward to the year ahead.

So what in the heck did I accomplish in my author life in 2017 anyway?

  1. I wrote 2 books (the last two books in the Cloaked Series)!
  2. I found titles for those two books (a harder task than it sounds–it took all year!)
  3. I learned that an e-newsletter is not within my capabilities right now (but later, it will be!)
  4. I began re-writing Harbinger (Mythologicals Saga #1) (hint: it won’t be the first book in the series when I’m done!)
  5. I attended Emerald City Writers’ Conference for the second year in a row.
  6. I pitched Cloaked to three publishing professionals (and all three requested material!)
  7. I posted to this blog 46 times (which continued my run of success on one of my resolutions from all the way back in 2016, to post to the blog with regularity!)

Not too shabby, right?

That’s a high bar to live up to in 2018, but I think I can manage it. Here are my goals:

  1. Submit Cloaked to at least 50 agents/editors (or stop when I’m offered a contract!)
  2. Write All In (Cloaked #2.5) – which will fully finish the series.
  3. Complete the Mythologicals Saga re-write/re-order.
  4. Begin writing Corrolary (the last book in the Mythologicals Saga) for 2019 release
  5. Re-edit and re-release the Shift Series with new covers
  6. Write and publish Linking 2 (the second Shift Series Novella, telling more of Cici’s story.)
  7. Post to the blog at least 40 times.
  8. Attend Emerald City Writers’ Conference
  9. Bonus: Attend the RWA National Conference, if possible/reasonable.

Okay, so that’s a lot. When I started writing the list, I got a little overwhelmed, but when I read it back, it’s doable. And it’s awesome to list it all out like that, like zooming out on the year ahead and viewing my goals from 10,000 feet–which starts to look a whole lot more like a plan than a jumbled list of wants. This time, next year, I’ll come back to this post and check-off all the things I accomplished. Boo-ya!

So, what about you? What are your goals for 2018?




Happy Birthday Cecelia!

I can’t help it, I just love Cici Brayton so much. I celebrated her birthday last year, and I’m celebrating it again. Hell, I’ll probably celebrate it again next year. Basically, as long as I’m working on Linking (which I plan to release in a serial of short stories, one per year), I’ll be celebrating Cecelia.

Character Study - Cecelia

This year, I’m consolidating my best Cecelia Brayton posts/content into one place–here, for your Cici-loving enjoyment:

Cecelia Character Study

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Cecelia’s House (floorplan) 

Linking (A Shift Series Short Story) on Amazon

If you have questions about Cecelia, send them my way. I’ll answer them in a future post!

Happy Linking Release Day!

And happy birthday to Leah!

AND happy national donut day!

Damn, today is a good day, isn’t it?
For those of you who preordered Linking, it has been delivered to your favorite e-reader or app.  For the rest of you, you can get Linking (A Shift Series Short Story) now!

Linking (1)Amazon

Barnes and Noble


Apple ibookstore


Now, if someone would just draw some fanart of Leah eating a donut with Drake laughing in the background, my day would be complete 😉