My bad!

I probably should have mentioned, when I posted Christopher's character study the other day, that it is chock-full of SPOILERS!  So, you know, don't read it if you don't want to be spoiled for Harbinger.  (But do read it if you're the type that likes a spoiler because it makes them want to read a book!)  … Continue reading My bad!

New Harbinger Stuff: Callee Character Study

Hi everyone!  By popular demand, I added a characters study for Callee to the Harbinger tab today!  You can find it under Harbinger>Character Studies>Character Study: Callee.  Or, you can click on this link:  Harbinger Character Study: Callee I've been receiving some awesome feedback on the webpage, so thank you to everyone who has visited, commented, facebooked, tweeted and emailed … Continue reading New Harbinger Stuff: Callee Character Study