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Thoughts From a Plane (+ a sexy-time snippet)

I had these grand plans of writing up this blog post while sitting on the plane home from my recent Vegas vacation. My sister was so hung-over, however, that I took care of her instead.

Totally worth it. I mean, come on–it was her bachelorette party. If she hadn’t been that hung-over on her way home, that would have been a sign we didn’t do Vegas right.

Anyway, what I did do, however, was a lot of thinking. Primarily, a lot of thinking about Cecily and Scott, the couple I’ve been writing lately. As well as about Zander and Callum–my other fave new couple, who I first wrote in Cloaked.

You may have seen this post from me recently on Twitter (or a similar one on Facebook):

Yeah, I think about them a lot. Normally, I don’t give any clues about where a snippet from an unpublished project comes from–but I can’t help it in this case.

So here you go–a mostly-identified (sexy-time) snippet*:

A breath pulling deep into his chest, the kiss deepened as Scott crawled onto the bed, positioning himself above her. He was careful not to rest his full weight onto her small frame, even while she pulled at him, begging him closer.

She turned, rolling until she was above him. She dragged her mouth to his jaw, his ear, where he felt her pull his earlobe between her lips, before moving south, to his neck, his shoulder—


*As with all WIP snippets, this snippet is unedited. It may or may not appear, in part or in whole, in a published work.



Little known fact about me: every person in my family has had a supernatural experience–except me.

The closest I’ve come to having an experience for myself was actually my hubby’s experience while I was sleeping in the same room. I was not conscious, so needless to say, I don’t get to claim that ghost story as my own.

I’m not sure if my lack of experiences is part of why, but I’ve always been fascinated by people’s ghost stories–their retelling of their brushes with the supernatural are one of my favorite things to talk about.

Soooo, I thought I’d blog about it.

I have a short stack of stories from my sisters, hubby, and Mom that I’ll plan to re-tell here over the coming weeks.  How about you? Care to tell your #ghoststory? I would love to let you tell it here!  Hit me up here, on twitter, or on facebook!

Facebook just reminded me…

One year ago today, I made this post on my personal Facebook profile:

I’m recommitting to my author-self after spending some months on the back burner while I, you know, grew a person, etc. I am using a new writing software I’m really on fire about (Scrivener–check it out if you’re into writing long form!) and I am going to attempt to participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) next month, though I can’t promise I’ll accomplish the 50,000 word goal by the end of the month (a strange thing to say for me, since I used to put down 10,000 words per day with some regularity–pre-kids, of course.) Anyway, I say all this to create a certain amount of accountability, as well as to shake up my own inspiration. 

In the last year since writing that, I’ve released a short story and finished writing a full-length novel. I’ve attended a writers’ conference, and participated in critique sessions with a writer friend.

Basically, I’m just saying that I kind of rocked last year’s goal. YAY for goal setting!  So, now I have to figure out what my next goal should be… Definitely something about getting my latest novel into the light of day, but more specific than that is still up in the air. It’s like a world of possibility is waiting to be defined!

How do you go about goal setting?  Do you make plan at the beginning of each new year? Or do you plan quarterly?  Whatever you do, how does it work for you?  I’d love to know!