Mythologicals Saga – Pronounciations

Some of the names in the Mythologicals Saga are sort of tongue twisters (either because they are real names that happen to be unusual, or because they are names I created, based on other names.)  If you’re hung up on a name, reference this guide to help:

Matra (May-trah) Derived from the name of the month of May and the word matron.  The name was not meant to be a reference to the French automobile, aeronautice and weaponry company… (

Audil (Ah-deel) This is an uncommon name (but a real one!) that has roots in the arabic language.

Luceam (Lu-seem)  I made this one up myself–to be honest, not sure where it came from… Sort of how Matra’s not sure where it came from either.

Vega (Vae-guh)  Like the name of the star in the Lyra constellation.  This is a real name.

Cyvin (Sigh-vin)  Don’t even ask–I have no idea where my brain came up with this one from… lol! But you pronounce it like a sigh, and the VIN number on your car.

Just wait until the third book!  The list will grow, I can promise you that!

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