The Mythologicals Saga is currently undergoing a major revision (MUCH more intense than the Shift Series revision in 2018). It will be re-released in late 2019 under a new Series name, with new covers. Stay tuned for updates!


Harbinger is the first book in the Mythologicals Saga series.  It takes place in the same world as the ShiftSeries, but about 150 years later.  In Harbinger (and subsequent Mythologicals Saga books) we get to see some of the ramifications of actions that were first witnessed in RECAST.Harbinger was, in fact, the first novel-length book I ever wrote.  It’s first iteration was nothing like the story is now, but some of the character names and larger story themes are still the same.  Matra is still a strong, level-headed and contemplative leader, just like she was when I first wrote her.  Audil is still…well, he’s still Audil.  And Callee is still as excellent a friend as she ever was.  Because some of the names are a little confusing, I’ve added a pronounciation guide to this section of the website.  I may add to it as time goes by with other details and random bits of insider info, so stay tuned!

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