Lin and I decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day by discounting the first two books of our steamiest series so you all can enjoy a little heat during this winter holiday 😘 If you haven’t yet read the Dispelled Lineage series, this is the perfect time to dive in! Untangled (Dispelled Lineage 1) is FREE 24-2/18, and Worth Melting For (Dispelled Lineage 2) is discounted 2/15-2/18!


Free 2/14-2/18/22

Sometimes a tower looks like a gilded cage.

After years of living at her father’s whims, Reese finally breaks free, but her new job has a sexy boss she likes a little too much. She didn’t pursue her dreams to throw it all away for Leo—the CEO of her father’s biggest competing company. She’ll have to keep her lineage a secret just like she’s kept her unexplainable ability to see traumaa secret her entire life.

Leo was advised not to hire the young and beautiful Reese, but her experience makes her the perfect person to execute his company’s industry-shaking event. Her charm and humor send his thoughts to forbidden places but staying professional isn’t a problem—usually.

As the event looms, leaked intel puts Leo’s company on edge, and Reese barely escapes her father’s prying questions about Leo’s strategies. But as her connection to Leo intensifies, seeinghis bisexual trauma like a city map blends the lines of her personal and professional life.

Reese may have been raised a sheltered princess, but she must survive the event without revealing who her father is or falling in love with her boss before she can reveal her Dad’s self-serving plans.

Worth Melting For

On sale 2/15-2/18/22

Today Lana’s husband will leave her.

She knows before he does, thanks to her ability to see the probability of whatever scenarios she can imagine. What she didn’t see, however, was him gutting their accounts, forcing her to turn to her narcissistic miscreant of a father for help. He offers her a deal: act as head counsel for his company in exchange for whatever money she needs.

Shawn has argued cases against all kinds of opposing counsel, but none as stunning or sharp-tongued as Lana Stevens. As she attempts a civil working relationship, Shawn finds Lana’s hard edges enticing, but crushing on the opposing counsel is an obvious objection, despite the chemistry between them.

No matter what Lana does, she can’t see Shawn’s probabilities—which is both infuriating and irresistible. Free from her husband’s biphobia, Lana has a hard time resisting Shawn’s inexplicable charm, but falling into bed with her would be more than career-limiting—she could lose everything to her asshole ex, taking away the freedom to live the life she wants far away from her father… and now closer to Shawn.

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